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For official Covid-19 screening, facility searches and status reports.
Proudly brought to you by the National Department of Health.
GovChat is South Africa’s largest civic engagement platform accessible online, on any mobile handset and feature phones.
GovChat connects you with your government across all platforms accessible via any mobile device or feature phone.

As the official citizen engagement platform for the South African Government, GovChat acts as a centralised hub bringing all government and civic services together with cutting-edge conversational AI, intuitive design and ease of access.


GovChat provides a complaint management system for local government, with an automated escalation process for unattended queries. These citizen and community queries are aggregated into a real-time dashboard which intuitively visualises the data and provides the government with an early warning system.


GovChat enables citizens to rate and report public services and facilities. Uploading reports and photographs of issues ensure councilors can quickly and accurately address problems in the community they serve.

GovChat evolved from research objectives to become the home of the collective narratives and experiences of our entire community through the messages and stories that are shared on the platform.
Busani Ngcaweni
South African Presidency

GovChat connects, informs and empowers. A great platform for citizen engagement.

Auguste Yankey
African Union Commission

GovChat is a life improving social media network. It is definitely a powerful ICT4D to empower citizens & engage public authorities.

Minister Lindiwe Zulu
Social Development

GovChat is a good example of the potential within our countries technology industry, especially amongst our youth.

Creating an open, transparent, and accountable society
Meet The GovChat Team

Say hello to the team that made GovChat happen:

Eldrid Jordaan
Founder and CEO of GovChat

Eldrid is a former Ministerial Special Advisor and served as an Advisory Board Member at Mxit. He currently serves as Digital Communications Advisor to various African Governments and is a United States of America Department of State IVLP Alumni.

Goitse Konopi
CDO of GovChat

Goitse served as part of the teams in the Presidency that developed the National Development Plan and Vision 2030, followed by various advisory and research roles in the Presidency developing his expertise in research and support for policy development.

Motty Sacks
Non-Executive Chairman

With over 50 years experience in South Africa’s corporate environment, Motty has funded a number of successfully listed enterprises. He was appointed chairman at GovChat in May 2019 and serves as Chairman of Capital Appreciation.

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